At Dog Bless Texas™ Each Sale Supports Local Rescue


Who We've Supported:



 Friends For Life

Launching Dog Bless Texas at the end of February and just weeks into the pandemic, it was a no brainer that Friends For Life would be our first beneficiary. In uncertain times, a worried community of pet owners could count on Friends For Life. Offering free services and pet food, this organization was able to help keep countless animals from being turned into the shelters. 

Located in the Heights of Houston, TX Friends For Life saves animals regardless of their origin, breed, age or condition. Many shelters refuse strays, animals from private citizens, or even entire breeds. Instead, we are guided by a simple principle: Every Animal Matters.

Sonoma's Haven

Located in Sealy, TX and founded in June 2015, Sonoma's Haven was created after seeing the shortage of fosters that can take in rescue dogs needing a safe place to stay. Sonoma's Haven creates a safe place for dogs to begin the process of healing and learning the joys of life.

Donations from Dog Bless Texas were able to help Griswald, a foster at Sonoma's Haven, with a much needed amputation. We are happy to report this sweet little tripod has officially been adopted!



Best Friends Animal Society

What started back in the early 80s as a couple of friends in a remote area of Utah, has now created a movement forever changing the future for pets in shelters. Houston is one of BFAS newest chapters to help SAVE THEM ALL. An organization thats goal is true to any animal lovers heart is one we are here to support! 


Rescued Pets Movement

Provides a second chance for thousands of homeless dogs and cats through rehabilitation and transport to forever homes in communities throughout the United States and Canada that have a demand for adoptable pets. Since starting in late 2013, RPM has rescued over 60,000 animals as of November 2020!