Everything is BIGGER in Texas....and unfortunately so is our homeless animal population. Houston alone is estimated to have over 1 million strays. Combining passion for animal rescue and reducing our environmental impact, Dog Bless Texas™ was born. 

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle
It is our mission at Dog Bless Texas™ to support local animal rescue efforts by offering sustainable alternatives to reduce waste. Americans use 100 billion single-use plastic bags a year and only 1% are recycled. 
Our solution, the Bottle Bag™ is a reusable American made tote 100% from post consumer recycled bottles. Each sale helps support independent rescues, spay/neuter initiatives or transport of animals for the chance at a better life.
Help save homeless animals & our environment by purchasing a Dog Bless Texas™ reusable tote!


I am the friend in your group that can't see a dog without saying something, the one you send every dog meme and gif too, the one you call/text/email/messenger/whatsapp/snapchat when you find a dog and don't know what to do with it, I'm the one you can't help but buy every dog tchotchke you see...I am the "crazy dog lady" of my friend group.

 As early in my childhood I can remember finding dogs or them finding me. Still, not much has changed. My true passion with animal rescue started when I was attending the University of Houston. Stray dogs running rampant on campus was all too familiar. I started to keep a crate, leads and dog treats in my car. Emails to my professors on why I was missing class due to chasing some dog on campus was not uncommon. 

After graduation, I was solely dedicated to rescue, fostering and finding their forever homes. A few years of adoptions, foster fails, heartbreak and happiness - it was time I joined the workforce. Lucky for me, I got the job I wanted and for the next few years I planned some awesome parties and watched a ton of movies.The whirlwind ended and I was ready to get back to the rescue world.

Starting Small
One day in my kitchen it hit me....I have a lot of sh*t! So many unnecessary things, so much plastic. Like many Americans, I was not being conscious about waste. My eyes were now open and my journey to a zero waste lifestyle began.

Zero waste doesn't have to be crunchy granola hippie dippy way of living (unless you want to!) For me it’s not and doesn’t mean that I don’t create waste in my home, I do, but ZERO is always a good goal to aim for. Everyone’s journey will be different, it is what works best for you. 

I took my first step to living a zero waste lifestyle without even knowing it. Reusable tote bags! I’ve got quite a few people to feed at home, mostly a large Viking husband, and leaving the grocery store with single-use plastic bags always felt wrong. 

Starting Dog Bless Texas I asked myself a few questions….What is something every store has? What is something everyone uses? Does this have a sustainable alternative? Boom. Bags! Maybe you’re already doing this like I was and not even noticing or maybe you are ready to take the first step in reducing your waste.

By offering a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic bags & supporting local animal rescue efforts,  it is my hope to reduce the number of stray animals and waste in our city.